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Weather in Phuket

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19. January 2019, 10:03
real feel: 31°C
current pressure: 1010 mb
humidity: 74%
wind speed: 4 m/s NNE
wind gusts: 5 m/s
sunrise: 06:46
sunset: 18:29
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1 Star Diver

CMAS 1* star diver (Open Water Diver)

The minimum age for the CMAS Bronze / 1 Star course is 14 years.
Diving medical certificate not older than one year (if applicable disclaimer and explanation yum medical health sign on the spot).
Then should man / woman to swim naturally and can be comfortable in the water.

Immersion theory:
The immersion theory consists of 6 units and concludes with a written test that has existed up to now any stress-free and easy…

Diving practice ABC:
The diving practice initially encompasses the learning of 6 simple exercises snorkel. Follow in the pool or the shallow lagoon, then exercises to learn the basic diving skills.

Open water dives:
The Dive Course 5 open water dives included in the sea, (ie. a dive more diver than comparably with a PADI Open Water course!!)

Module 1:
dive 6-15 m. Min. 15 min duration.
Tare with inflator in 3 different depths. Type of and respond to at least 5 characters underwater duty.

Module 2:
dive 6-15 m. Min. 15 min duration.
Controlled speed ascent of max. Depth of 10 meters with 1 minute stop at 3 meters.

Module 3:
dive 6-15 m. Min. 15 min duration.
Rising from the max. Depth (as determined by the TL) under implied or realistically carried out buddy breathing. After 10 minutes in full gear to float on the surface.

Module 4:
dive 6-15 m. Min. 15 min duration.
Equipment and control Partner check. LA take from the mouth and allow it to hang freely. LA to resume and then flood the mask and blow out.

Module 5:
dive 6-15 m. Min. 15 min duration.
At a distance of 5 m of the students take from the mouth of his LA emerged as a partner and then breathe at least 5 minutes of the second machine of the party in motion. Then Recording your LA.

Module 6:
dive 6-15 m. Min. 15 min duration.
Rescue of a scuba diver, on the surface transportation spending, on the shore. Demonstration of a helper method, shock position, the recovery position. Explain the following recovery process.

Duration and Costs:
The TDA / CMAS 1 * Bronze Star course lasts 3 days and cost 15,900 THB.
An international certificate CMAS (c-card)

Divers up to 16 years dive 25 m deep!

What can I do with my diving license

Who can dive with who?
Diving group composition recommended by the CMAS
Certification level Certification level Authorization Depth
Basic Diver + Basic Diver = No
Diver* + Diver* = No
Diver** + Diver* = Yes 20 m
Diver** + 2 Diver* = No
Diver* + Diver* = No
Diver** + Diver** = Yes 40 m
Diver*** + Basic Diver = Yes 12 m
Diver*** + Diver* = Yes 40 m
Diver*** + Diver** = Yes 40 m
Diver**** + Diver*** = Yes 40 m


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Aqua Divers Diving School

5 Star Chief-Examiner-Academy
5 Star Chief-Examiner-Academy