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19. January 2019, 09:02
real feel: 30°C
current pressure: 1010 mb
humidity: 78%
wind speed: 4 m/s NNE
wind gusts: 5 m/s
sunrise: 06:46
sunset: 18:29
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2 Star Diver

TDA / CMAS Silver / 2 ** star diving course

The minimum age for the TDA / CMAS Silver / 2 ** star course is 16 years.
Diving medical certificate not older than one year.

Other requirements are a

  • CMAS bronze / 1 Star certificate or equivalent
  • Special course “orientation dive” (compass heading)
  • Special course “leadership groups”
  • Special course “Medic First Aid” – First Aid / CPR course, not older than one year
  • 25 dives of which at least 10 dives to 15 m – 25 m.

Immersion theory:
The dive theory consists of 6 units and concludes with a written test, which represents a deepening of the CMAS Bronze / 1 * star diving theory.

Diving practice ABC:
The diving practice initially encompasses the learning of six secondary snorkel exercises:

  • 45 seconds to dive under steady locomotion (approximately 10 meters).
  • 30 meters dynamic apnea without wetsuit: or 25 meters range diving wetsuit.
  • 7.5 meter deep diving in open water.
  • 40 minutes snorkeling at Completion of a distance of at least 1000m, of which 10 minutes each in the chest position, lateral position, a supine position, with only one fin.
  • 100 m snorkel equipment to a diver who is at 5 m depth, transporting the scuba diver to the surface and 100 meters at the water surface, each 50 meters with different transport steps.
  • Correct jumping with wetsuit and ABC, but without diving equipment, from a height of half a meter into the water and creating the scuba gear on the water surface.

Open water dives:
The Dive Course 5 open water dives included in the sea, (ie. a dive more diver than comparably with a PADI Open Water course!!)

Dive 1:
dive 12 m – 25 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
Tare in varying depths. The student receives a plaque under water, are posted on the official three additional characters (as amended) and this must then be clearly identified as a show of hands.

Dive 2:
dive 12 m – 25 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
Controlled speed ascent up to 6 m water depth, with a clear stop to 9m depth. Aryans night is only with the Mouth permitted.

Dive 3:
dive 12 m – 25 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
Rise in respiratory exchange from the max. Depth, min, with a stop of 3. to 3m depth. If desired, the buddy breathing be even hinted at. For 15 min. swim in full gear.

Dive 4:
dive 12 m – 25 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
Partner check at the beginning of the dive. The weight belt buckle opening and closing again n with gloves. Appear after about 10 minutes and anpeilen using compass guiding a point lying 100 meters and diving after your prey.

Dive 5:
dive 12 m – 25 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
Dive management and verification of suitability as a group leader. A diver is breathing for 5 min from the second machine of the group leader.

Dive 6:
dive 12 m – 25 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
Rescue an “unconscious” diver from app. 12 m depth. 50 m swimming transport spend, on land and demonstration of a helper method. create an accident log and make sure the dive computer.

Duration and Costs:
The TDA / CMAS 2 ** Silver Star course lasts 5 days and costs 17,900 THB.

After the course each participant will receive two certificates handed out directly:
A national TDA Diving Association (Thailand) Certificate (map)
An international certificate CMAS (map)

Divers up to 16 years dive 25 m deep!

What can I do with my diving license

Who can dive with who?
Diving group composition recommended by the CMAS
Certification level Certification level Authorization Depth
Basic Diver + Basic Diver = No
Diver* + Diver* = No
Diver** + Diver* = Yes 20 m
Diver** + 2 Diver* = No
Diver* + Diver* = No
Diver** + Diver** = Yes 40 m
Diver*** + Basic Diver = Yes 12 m
Diver*** + Diver* = Yes 40 m
Diver*** + Diver** = Yes 40 m
Diver**** + Diver*** = Yes 40 m


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