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3 Star Diver

TDA CMAS *** Gold 3 Star Dive Course

The minimum age for the TDA CMAS Gold 3 *** star course is 18.
Diving medical certificate not older than one year.

Other requirements are a

  • CMAS 2 ** star silver certificate, or an equivalent
  • Special course “deep dive”
  • Special course “Night Diving”
  • Special Price “Rescue Diver”- First Aid / CPR course, not older than one year
  • 65 dives, of which at least 10 to 40 meters depth.

Immersion theory:
The dive theory consists of 6 units and concludes with a written test, which already requires a large dip theoretical knowledge.

Diving practice ABC:
The diving practice initially encompasses the learning of six secondary snorkel exercises:

  • 60 seconds to dive under steady locomotion (approximately 10 meters).
  • 45 meters dynamic apnea without wetsuit or 40 meters range diving wetsuit.
  • 10 meter deep diving in open water.
  • 60 minutes snorkeling at Completion of a distance of at least 1500m, of which 15 minutes each in the chest position, lateral position, a supine position, with only one fin.
  • 150m snorkel equipment to a diver who is 7.5 meters deep, transporting the scuba diver to the surface and 150m at the water surface, the 50m with different transport steps.
  • Attach a rope by means of “bowline” on a subject that lies at a depth of 5 m.

Open water dives:
The TDA CMAS *** Gold 3 star dive course includes 6 open water dives in the sea, which are completed during three trips to the dive boat.

Dive 1:
dive 20 m – 40 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
The student demonstrates its suitability as a group leader. Partner check, buoyancy, etc. briefing. During the dive. “Pulls” a group member, the heel band and the group leader engineered a new one.

Dive 2:
dive 20 m – 40 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
Controlled speed ascent from 20 m water depth without fins use. 9m/1min with decompression stop at. – 6m/1min. and 3m/5min. night Aryans is permitted only with the mouth.

Dive 3:
dive 20 m – 40 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
The student is in 20m water depth a diver’s secondary regulator and brings the group to decostop 6m/1min. – 3m/3min. 3m at a buoy to the surface is to discontinue. Then, 20 min swim in gear.

Dive 4:
dive 20 m – 40 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
Group leadership see first dive Place a buoy in 20m water depth, and solve the same after the dive. The student brings his group back to the end of the dive buoy. holistic orientation with compass orientation.

Dive 5:
dive 20 m – 40 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
The student demonstrates its suitability as a group leader for a night dive.

Dive 6:
dive 20 m – 40 m, at least 15 minutes duration.
The student demonstrates an exercise on the basis that he is able, one injured diver to stay safe by division of the group members, on the shore. Then the demonstration 2 helper method, protocol and explain the chain of survival.

Duration and Costs:
The TDA CMAS Gold 3 *** star course lasts for 7 days and costs 27,900 THB.

After the course each participant will receive two certificates handed out directly:
A national TDA Diving Association (Thailand) Certificate (c-card)
An international certificate CMAS (c-card)

Divers up to 16 years dive 25 m deep!

What can I do with my diving license

Who can dive with who?
Diving group composition recommended by the CMAS
Certification level Certification level Authorization Depth
Basic Diver + Basic Diver = No
Diver* + Diver* = No
Diver** + Diver* = Yes 20 m
Diver** + 2 Diver* = No
Diver* + Diver* = No
Diver** + Diver** = Yes 40 m
Diver*** + Basic Diver = Yes 12 m
Diver*** + Diver* = Yes 40 m
Diver*** + Diver** = Yes 40 m
Diver**** + Diver*** = Yes 40 m


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