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Weather in Phuket

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19. January 2019, 08:59
real feel: 30°C
current pressure: 1010 mb
humidity: 78%
wind speed: 4 m/s NNE
wind gusts: 5 m/s
sunrise: 06:46
sunset: 18:29
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TDA Basic Diver

TDA Thailand Diving Association – Basic Diver

The minimum age for the Basic Diver is 12 years.
Diving medical certificate not older than one year.
Then should man / woman can naturally swim and feel comfortable in the water.

Immersion theory:
The dive theory is the same as for the TDA / CMAS Bronze / 1 * star course (6 units of theory) and concludes with a written test that was stress free and easy to pass by every now…

Diving practice ABC:
The practice includes the acquisition of 6 exercises with NBC mask, snorkel and fins, and the first diving skills with an aqualung.

Exercises (with NBC equipment):

  • 30 seconds for diving under steady locomotion (approximately 10 meters).
  • 25 m dynamic apnea without wetsuit or 20 meters range diving wetsuit.
  • 2 m to 5 m deep diving three times within one minute.
  • 20 minutes (time) snorkeling at Completion of a distance of at least 500 m, of which 5 minutes each in the chest position, lateral position, supine position and with a fin.
  • 50 m snorkeling to scuba divers, which is between 2 m and 5 m depths spend, the scuba diver to the surface and then transport 50 m.
  • Twice just regular jumping (different jumps) with full DTG equipment from a height of approximately 0.5 m into the water.

Exercises (with diving equipment):

  • 2 m to 5 m depth diving after your prey in passing the diving equipment, 10 m submarining and from this distance, and creation of the diving equipment.
  • In 2 m to 5 m depth 50 m dive course: the first half with breathing from the second machine of the buddy, the second half hinted at changing the breathing regulator from the applicant. (At the express request, the change of respiration may also be performed.)
  • In 2 m to 5 m depth: cessation of diving mask, 1 minute diving without a mask, restart and blowing out the diving mask at that depth and then after removing the regulator menem slow ascent to the surface of the water with continuous venting of air.
  • In 2 m to 5 m depth balancing by blowing air into the diver’s jacket and 3 minutes linger in limbo at the breathing regulator.
  • 10 minutes snorkeling in the chest area with diving equipment.

Open water dives:
Then we make two open water dives in the sea.

First Dive:

3 m to 12 m / at least 15 minutes in length / max 4 divers and instructors

Second Dive:

3m to 12m / at least 15 minutes in length / max. 4 divers and instructors

Course duration and cost:
The Basic Diver course lasts two days and pay 10.900 THB

After the course each participant will be given certificates handed out directly:
A national TDA Diving Association (Thailand) Certificate (c-card) with international recognition!

What can I do with my diving license

Who can dive with who?
Diving group composition recommended by the CMAS
Certification level Certification level Authorization Depth
Basic Diver + Basic Diver = No
Diver* + Diver* = No
Diver** + Diver* = Yes 20 m
Diver** + 2 Diver* = No
Diver* + Diver* = No
Diver** + Diver** = Yes 40 m
Diver*** + Basic Diver = Yes 12 m
Diver*** + Diver* = Yes 40 m
Diver*** + Diver** = Yes 40 m
Diver**** + Diver*** = Yes 40 m


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