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19. January 2019, 08:58
real feel: 30°C
current pressure: 1010 mb
humidity: 78%
wind speed: 4 m/s NNE
wind gusts: 5 m/s
sunrise: 06:46
sunset: 18:29
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TDA CMAS Instructor

Make your hobby and your passion into a profession!
Take part in a course instructor at Aqua Divers Center!

TDA / CMAS * Instructor

A to-manufacture in home building work must be given in Section 2 copies of the responsible local Course Director.
This home unit is the level of the diver have *.
A professional presentation of the printed work is expected. The volume should
ten pages in format A4 does not fall short. Drawings and sketches as well as appropriate teaching slides are included. This home unit is the part of TL-examination held before the test and judged by this Commission.
A secluded site is subject to a short presentation, which prior to the audit held commission is presented.

A theoretical examination of about 50 questions that cover the entire range of scuba diving is also stored on site.


  • 3000 meters towing a diving injury
  • 10 meter deep diving in apnea
  • 50 meters in distance diving apnea
  • Diving after your prey with a diving equipment and a weight belt (10 kg) ascension without the BCD or BCD carry
  • 3 x 35 meter diving after your prey distance a submersible device
  • buddy breathing 3-5 divers on a DTG
  • Controlled emergency ascent from 15 meters water depth
  • Rise in buddy breathing from 25 meters water depth
  • 5 minutes without diving mask diving
  • Perform a diver (beginner makes TDA / CMAS *-test)
  • Perform a diver (beginner has an accident during a dive)
  • demonstration lesson underwater orientation
  • Teaching ABC sample lessons
  • Demonstration lesson scuba lessons
TDA / CMAS ** instructor
Working at home are special courses to be made ​​of the following areas and be submitted in 2 copies of the Course Director on site for testing:

  • SK orientation while diving
  • SK Group leadership
  • SK Night Diving

This house presentations are to be kept in the level so that the trainees (TL * contender), in which the unit is held in form of teaching, then are able to turn to mediate the issues further.
A professional presentation is expected. Depending on the number of participants maintains the TL ** contender one or two lectures. A division of topics in terms of a joint talk is possible.

The TL2-Candidate must be prepared before the test on the topic of safety, especially diving. Special: Before you dive with a dive after dive and a dive boat. About one of these topics is a short presentation on the spot to keep.

A theory test, the entire range of recreational diving cover, is also stored on site.


  • Support of TL3-candidate to organize the test procedures.
  • management of the UW Orientation Course.
  • Management of night diving course. If night diving is not possible (state regulations), are a twilight dive is made ​​or simulated.
  • Acceptance of TDA / CMAS ** exercise during a dive.
  • Participate in the alternate nostril breathing exercise, the TL *.
  • Securing the float 3000 meters towing.
  • Rescue an injured diver and provide land or on the boat.
TDA / CMAS *** Instructor

The TL3-candidate is responsible for the smooth running and proper planning of the entire dive site inspection. This applies both in the organizational and the technical theory and practical sense. A high degree of initiative and responsibility is expected and required.

The TL 3 candidates working at home, in the form of practice sketches that include all relevant aspects of diving safety and the practice routine, all exercise of TL 1 contender and builds an hour and schedule the entire TL-examination. The plan consists of 6 test days and considers not only the food and preparation and follow-up phases. The TL-2 candidates are integrated as a backup and support divers and swimmers, in the exercises. The examination committee is not involved in the conduct of exercises. These sketches are then checked on the appropriate exercise of the examination committee and evaluated. Breakfast is at about 07.30 and the end of the exercises / presentations should be no later than 20.00 clock to allow the examinees dinner.

  • Planning of a 40 meter Dekotauchgangs including complete calculation and all security measures.
  • Hold a short lecture.
  • A theoretical examination of about 10 questions that cover the entire range of scuba diving Embrace is also stored on site.


  • Management and development of the instructor examination using the Examination Board.
  • Preparation of daily reports and training records on site.
  • Dive with purchase of a CMAS *** exercise.
  • Use as an observer at the TL group leadership dive * contender.
  • rescue an accident victim into the boat.
  • Creating an accident protocol, based on the rescue of a casualty by the TL ** contender.
  • The TL shows *** contender, that he is able to coordinate the entire process a TL-examination.

The TDA TL-3 is a flagship of the Federation. TDA expects the TDA TL-3 as part of the TL-testing a high degree of initiative and responsibility as group leader. A similar occurrence is expected!

CMAS TDA Instructor 4 **** – Course Director
On request from or
CMAS / TDA / Instructor Course Schedule 2012-2013
Instructor Course M1*/M2**/M3*** Cross Over Course M 1*/M2**
02.-06. December 2012 04.-06. December 2012
02.-06. January 2013 04.-06. January 2013
02.-06. February 2013 04.-06. February 2013
02.-06. March 2013 04.-06. March 2013
02.-06. April 2013 04.-06. April 2013
02.-06. May 2013 04.-06. May 2013

58.000 THB Plus TDA fees THB 13.200,- (ca. EURO 1.500,00)

Applications should be sent to Aqua Divers Center one month in advance.

25% deposit has to be transferred one month in advance

Specialties Euro 150,- / THB 6.000


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5 Star Chief-Examiner-Academy