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Aqua Divers House Reefs Nai Thon

Aquadivers House reef

On this aerial view photo you can see the Aqua Divers house reef, also called Tommy’s Corner. It is located directly on the beach of Naithon Beach! Here you will experience the first dives of a Basic Diver or a 1* Star Course (Open Water Diver).

Aside from a stunning coral rock garden there are often turtles, rays and many other fish species to be seen. At a maximum depth to 16 meters with numerous colorful coral formations this dive site is also ideal for snorkeling. The sandy areas are used primarily for Specialties like orientation diving, search and recovery, and scooter training courses and fun dives.

Aqua Divers Songs Reef

Song,s Reef

Another reef, the Song’s Reef that carries the name of our Thai captain, is located about 400 meters from the beach. This reef is covered primarily with stone coral formations and starts at 4 m water depth. The reef is similar to a ridge and has drops off to 16 meters. At Song’s Reef turtles, moray eels and rays are often seen.

As a curiosity, the team of Aqua Divers sank some ceramic toilets at this reef, which are often obtained from the marine life as a shelter. Macro photographers will find the rare ghost pipefish at Song’s Reef.

HIN 333

The Reef "Hin 333" is five minutes by boat from the beach and a good suitable dive site for beginners and professionals. The diving depths are between 10 m and 17 m of depth. The name points to 333 "bricks", which actually haven’t been found so far by any diver….

At this reef some big rays, leopard sharks with occasionally encounters of Kobias show up, so the divers like to keep on the lookout for big fish, the fish often accompany them.

Eyesspot blenny and Schultz Seaneedle

Circular batfish

House Reefs Diving

The AQUADIVERS House Reefs are dive spots to a diver’s heart’s delight. At a depth of 6-18 meters (18-54 ft) they feature a multitude of stone- and soft-coral gardens with a unique diversity of marine life. The various dive spots, all of them well worth seeing, can be reached by boat in just 5-10 minutes. They are well suited for night dives, early-morning dives, and also for snorkelling.

Of course, our trip destinations include Bang Tao and the Island Koh Waeo, a veritable little jewel. In addition, we offer trips to a sunken TIN MINING Wreck, discovered by Aqua Divers in 1996. The Island Koh Waeo is an exceptional dive spot: the picturesque rock formations, the beautiful anemone carpets and coral gardens, and the astonishing marine life diversity are among the best you can wish for.

Apart from anemones and corals, at diving depths of 10-30m (30-90 ft) und a visibility of 10-25m (30-75 ft), the dive spots of Island Koh Waeo not only enchant you with turtles and huge puffer fish, they also offer macro highlights.

The Tin Mining Wreck is submerged at a maximum depth of 16m (48 ft) and keeps you fascinated on dives with a duration of up to one hour (non-deco dives).

Other dive spots are: Mai Khao Reef, Mike’s Corner, The Marine Park, Turtle Field, Marriott Paradise, Stone Reef Garden, Stingray Point, Anemone Point, The Rock, Nothern Shark Point, and Stone Coral Garden.

Non-divers and snorklers will enjoy the excellent swimming and snorkeling conditions and the colorful underwater scenery at our house reefs and Island Koh Waeo.


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Aqua Divers Diving School

5 Star Chief-Examiner-Academy
5 Star Chief-Examiner-Academy