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19. January 2019, 09:16
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Koh Weo

A particularly popular diving destination of the Aqua Divers is Koh Weo which separates according to the directions in Koh Weo North, South, East and West. This dive site, the look of a larger and a smaller rock from the water and mark the exact location is about 15 minutes by boat from Naithon Beach.

At Koh Weo North divers enjoy a magnificent coral garden with huge table corals in 8 m depth and a very large area covered with anemones in about 12 m water depth. The anemones host a home to many different species of anemone fishes, like the well known “Nemo”, Amphiprion ocelaris, white-backed anemone fishes and red fin anemone fishes. Koh Weo North drops off to 16 m to 18 m where on the sandy ocean floor frequently sea turtles are eating on bubble corals. Also impressive at this site is the large schooling of various snapper species.

Koh Weo West is located seaward of the Andaman Sea and is characterized by a small rock above sea level. Under water the reef sinks to a depth of about 28 m. Then the reef runs along the sandy sea floor with some small coral blocks around.

Koh Weo West is populated by many small sea creatures, like thorn seahorses, pipefish, ghost pipe fish, nudibranchs and various other marine life and therefore more than popular for macro photographers. With sharpened eye even real stone fish are to discover. A special feature of Koh Weo West are the rare pineapple fishes, Monocentris japonica, which are found under some coral overhangs in less than 24 m, but otherwise prefer greater depths to 200 meters. At this spot the dive boat anchored about 50 m away from the rocks on a mooring which is attached to the reef at 8 m depth.

The underwater landscape of Koh Weo South is generally determined by a huge hard coral garden – but it was unfortunately affected by the forces of the tsunami in late 2004. Still Koh Weo South remains a popular destination for snorkeling trips. Between 3 m and 16 m depth divers can also find an impressive variety of marine organisms and larger snappers and a picturesque canyon in the 5 m range.

The dive site Koh Weo East extends between 8 m and 16 m below sea level. The special features of this reef is a swarm of collar butterflyfish that moves there pretty residential in small circles, and a larger number of raisor fishes that stand out for their special way floating upside immediately when divers approach. The raisor fishes are usually found between the whip corals in about 12 m to 14 m water depth. In recent years another artificial reef with cement blocks was submerged at Koh Weo East to attract more tropical marine life.


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